“I shall never leave the bed”

This was said by an old lady who fell down once by accident and hurt her hips. She was once independent and capable to do anything, however, a fall changed everything. She constantly reminds herself that she was alone and it was hard for her to seek immediate help. Her fear of falling made her refusing all kind of movement activities, which caused her family members to have a hard time taking care of her. 

Fall Prevention & Management

According to the Journal of Physiotherapy, Falls occur due to a mismatch between an individual’s physiological function, environmental requirements and the individual’s behaviour. Each of these components will be considered in turn. This is what you can do:- 

Create a Fall-Proof Home Environment:-
Reduce the chances of tripping or slipping by equipping upgrades in the living environment. Start-off with a non-slip walking surface, install grip bars in toilets, ensure the floor is not wet and slippery & carpets have skid-proof backings.

Get their health & medications checked:-
Certain eye and ear disorders may increase your risk of falls. Also, certain medications can make a senior more prone to feelings of dizziness or disorientation. Make sure to discuss and check with your loved one’s health overall condition & when taking a new prescriptions if any. 

Choose Appropriate Footwear:-
Footwear that might be worn out, ill-fitting or an impractical style can be a serious fall hazard. Supportive, low-heeled shoes with non-slip soles are great. Avoid walking around in socks, stockings or backless slippers.


Physiotherapy can Help

Physiotherapists not only treat injuries, but they also may guide the elderly on how to prevent the onset of pain or injury that can limit their ability. A specific physiotherapy program can help the elders to maintain or regain strength, flexibility, and endurance in a way that still feels safe.

Lecadia Primacare Center - Physiotherapist Team

Our physiotherapist is committed to attend to residents’ physical, cognitive, social and emotional needs through Group Activity programmes.


Not every accident can be avoided, but taking certain precautions can extend a senior’s independence, help them feel more confident, and greatly reduce their risk of injury. 

Seeking for Nursing Home with Physiotherapy?

Lecadia Primacare Center offers recuperative care for elderly falls & provides individual specific physiotherapy with proper assessment by our physiotherapist.

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