For this 2020 Christmas celebration, KL Baptist Church made their way to visit our elderly with generous gifts and wishes for our elderly in Level 1. Despite the current pandemic, we are still very blessed with their thoughtful members who care for our elderly and wanting them to feel loved and appreciated with our gestures. 

The gifts are indeed thoughtful and generous in size. The elderly were very surprised when they put their hands onto the gift and said it was really heavy for them. They received full size body shampoo, body lotion, hand sanitizers and wet tissues, which are very practical for this pandemic season. 

Due to the current situation, we were unable to gather all of our elderly from different floors to be together with us. Hence we got our own staff and nurses to assist to distribute the gifts on behalf of KL Baptist Church. They are happy too when they see their nurses and the staff are showing the act of love towards them. 


I need nursing care with fun activities for my elderly

In Lecadia Primacare Center, we prioritize the general wellbeing of the elderly, which includes physical health and mental health. Our nurses and physiotherapist are always available to ensure that your elderly receive the best care. Contact us now for more enquiry.

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