Malaysian awareness of Dementia 

Dementia has been recognized as one of the troubling illnesses among the elderly. According to the ASEAN Journal of Psychiatry, there are high numbers of Malaysians who would describe that dementia is a part of ageing, but not a specific condition that needs to be treated, which would cause a huge delay to send their loved ones to seek medical advice. 

Caregivers need to first be knowledgeable to identify the signs of dementia, then provide the patient with a healthy diet & therapies to the elderly. Let’s look at the 10 warning signs of dementia.

Can Dementia be treated?

Currently, there is no cure for dementia, but there are a number of medications that can help to improve cognitive function. Dr Shahrul Bahyah explained that pharmacological treatment is to enhance the brain’s ability to maintain its connections and to reduce the decline in the remaining neurotransmitters that are needed to preserve the brain functions. However, there are methods to stabilize the elderly’s condition.

Healthy Diet for Dementia Patient

It is encouraged to intake food with more antioxidants & healthy fats that have omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients are able to protect the brain’s nerve cells and strengthens the brain’s muscle strength. Besides, it also prevents inflammation and also improves the brain’s movement control and function.


Sending your loved ones to Nursing Homes with therapies may allow them to join activities that help to stimulate their mental and sensory function. Do focus on memory training, mental and social stimulation, as well as physical exercises as these may help to manage dementia.

Story Time

Diedre Low used to struggle to give care towards her mother in her old age while not understanding that her mother was having dementia. Her regrets during her tough times being the caregiver was not been educated about dementia, but was being told the condition was “normal”.

After her journey to seek more help towards her mother’s condition, she found out that her dementia mother is a person who wants to feel useful and to feel included, but the family members were ignoring that part of her. Family members need to give them social interaction and engagement, using the person-centred-care approach. However, interaction and engagement need to be meaningful in order to engage with their cognitive side.


Caring for a person with dementia demands a great deal of time, patience & commitment from caregivers and family members. Hence, it is very important that the caregivers are well prepared and being educated about dementia before it is too late for them to take necessary medical support.

I need Dementia Care Service.

Our nursing care service includes daily social activities to encourage your loved ones to involve in social interaction & engagement in order to allow them to engage with their cognitive side. Contact us now to arrange an appointment for our service enquiries. 

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