Celebration and Activities

  • Birthday Parties
  • Seasonal/Festivities Celebration
  • Nurses’ Day


  • Assist in outings  eg. visits to places of interest and participation in community events.
  • Assist in indoor  activities such as karaoke, arts & craft, music & drama and  games etc.
  • Offer paramedical and medical expertise.
  • Share residents' interests or hobbies.
  • Organise and  planning various activities.

Training & Community Programmes/Talk

  • Public Health Talks/Seminars
  • Basic Health Screening
  • Blood Donation Campaigns
  • Bone Scan

Others Activities

The Centre also provides the following Services:-

  • Daily exercise for senior citizens.
  • Physiotherapy equipment such as hand pulleys, foot massagers, parallel bar, medicine ball, cup ball, wooden staircase, pedal exerciser, Hand Ergometer Cycle, wristliser, dumpbell, Hand Grahamizer, hand sling, bodycare personal soother, etc are available for their use.
  • Karaoke singing, TV watching, videos, games such as Mahjong, Carom, Chinese Chess and Checkers are also provided.